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Dixie Chicks Barclaycard Arena Birmingham

Friday, 29 April 2016

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Dixie Chicks concert tickets Barclaycard Arena

 Dixie-Chics Barclaycard Arena Birmingham

VIPticketsandcorporatehospitality.co.uk Ltd are delighted to offer Dixie Chicks concert tickets and corporate hospitality packages at the Barclaycard Arena, formerly NIA Birmingham.

"It's easier to write songs that are about other people," says Natalie Maines. "It's much harder to put yourself out there, but the songs are so much better and mean so much more when you can let yourself be vulnerable, and be honest with your emotions and your beliefs."

With TAKING THE LONG WAY, one of the most anticipated albums in recent years, the Dixie Chicks are putting themselves out there like never before. For the first time, every one of the disc's fourteen songs are co-written by the Chicks themselves, exploring themes both deeply private and resoundingly political. Collaborating with legendary producer Rick Rubin (who has worked with everyone from Johnny Cash to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, from Run DMC to Neil Diamond), the biggest-selling female band in history has truly pushed themselves to new heights both as writers and as performers.

VIP Dixie Chicks concert tickets Barclaycard Arena

Dixie Chicks Premium Hospitality packages include;

  • Excellent reserved Dixie Chicks seat ticket
  • Dixie Chicks car parking pass
  • Pre-show and interval access to a private lounge
  • Three inclusive drinks
  • Sumptuous 2 course buffet before the show
  • Experienced Event Management on hand

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Dixie Chicks Paramount Hospitality packages include;

  • Excellent reserved Dixie Chicks ticket seat
  • Dixie Chicks car parking pass
  • Access to private restaurant
  • A welcome drink
  • Four course fine dining dinner served prior to the Show
  • Full table service

Dixie Chicks concert tickets & corporate hospitality packages - Paramount Package Cost: N/A

Prices are per person and subject to vat

Dixie Chicks concert tickets Barclaycard Arena, are available now.


"Everything felt more personal this time," says Maines. "I go back to songs we've done in the past and there's just more maturity, depth, intelligence on these. They just feel more grown-up." Inspired by such classic rock artists as the Eagles, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and the Mamas and the Papas, TAKING THE LONG WAY adds a sweeping, Southern California vibe to the Chicks' down-home intimacy. That ambition is matched with lyrics addressing everything from small-town narrow-mindedness ("Lubbock or Leave It") to the psychology of celebrity ("Everybody Knows"). "This album was about finding a balance in the different aspects of our lives," says Emily Robison, "but there's something thematic there, too - it's really about being bold."

Of course, that's a subject that the Dixie Chicks know a few things about. Not just "big for a country band" or "big for a big female band," the Dixie Chicks are a multi-platinum selling act in North America, Europe and Australia. They are one of a mere handful of acts with multiple albums achieving "diamond" status (meaning sales over 10 million copies) - both WIDE OPEN SPACES (1998) and FLY (1999) hit that stratospheric landmark - and have won seven Grammy awards. Their on-stage reputation has helped them sell over $100 million worth of concert tickets, and outspoken songs like "Goodbye, Earl" made it clear that this power trio played by nobody's rules.

And that was all before Natalie Maines's comments about a fellow Texan, President George W. Bush, during a London appearance in March, 2003 really put the Dixie Chicks in the headlines. The resultant uproar - complete with boycotts and death threats - is the focus of TAKING THE LONG WAY's defiant first single, "Not Ready to Make Nice." "The stakes were definitely higher on that song," says Robison. "We knew it was special because it was so autobiographical, and we had to get it right. And once we had that song done, it freed us up to do the rest of the album without that burden."

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